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My Name is Carolina Flower...
Condomless mind fucks because im trying
to conceive ideas and get you pregnant with hope.
Emotionally and physically interconnected
with the present moment
I always keep my consciousness lifted.
Author of my own reality.
A spirit dancing through this human experience.
Lover of the human essence.
SOULdier for the war on consciousness.
I speak a deeper language...
The language of LOVE

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    For more of my poetry, follow this tumblr

    For more of my poetry, follow this tumblr

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    Here’s the connection between chakras (petals) & numbers & platonic solids & glands & elements & geometry.

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    Unbelievable images captured by the Hubble Space telescope. Our universe is so beautiful and powerful beyond what our minds can even comprehend.

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    In astrology, scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac. The key terms used to defined scorpios in some shitty astrology sites and books are: “murderous”, “vengeful”, “mean”,”cynical”… Scorpios are much much much more than these silly terms.

    Scorpio is associated with…

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     The pictures are forming in my head are ones of domination over nature, the struggle of animals in a changing world, and the effects of a changing world on the animals and humans. Women became the metaphor for mother nature as wild and sexual thing exploited and explored in my work, and animals became the subjects of examining abnormalities and evolution. Taking ideas that I had learned from ideas on feminism, I began to draw parallels in our ways of controlling and objectifying women to how we also think about the earth and it’s resources therein.


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